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Mental peace and strength can be hard to find in a world filled with so many demands. Our resilience and psychological health are influenced by countless factors including biology, physical health, experiences, and our social environment. Why focus on just one of these areas, when you can work with a psychiatrist who stands with you while you explore and address them all?

My clinical style is engaging, interactive, and nonjudgmental. While I am experienced in several psychotherapeutic modalities, my dominant tool is psychodynamic psychotherapy. Together, we will work to uncover all the factors leading you to today, incorporating both your present and a knowledge of everything that has come before. 

Sometimes people come to therapy hoping for quick fixes and resolutions only to discover that these bandages do not hold. My style is to work with my patients using a deeper and more intensive approach to create enduring change in insight and resilience. My core training as a medical doctor affords a holistic lens to see the ways in which your physical health and symptoms can have multiple sources. I will work with you to help identify both psychiatric and non-psychiatric sources of your discomfort. Psychiatric medications are available whenever appropriate.

I am passionate about providing holistic and comprehensive psychiatric care to the whole person. I look forward to exploring with you what makes you you, and discovering opportunities for healing and personal growth.

  • Made more progress in 3 months with Dr. Grunschel than I had made in years of working with other psychiatrists. Incredibly compassionate, great sense of humor, and super smart - can’t recommend highly enough.

    - Client
  • Dr. Grunschel is a compassionate, collaborative, honest, and deeply intelligent provider. Of her many strengths, what stands out most is how she balances the work of prescribing medications with her gifts in psychotherapy. Her knowledge of the pharmacological ropes is top-notch, as evidenced by her creativity and forethought about new approaches and med combinations to try. Just as important, she is a perceptive listener and thinker, who I trust to hear the subtleties of what I’m saying and not saying, and to respond in ways that both challenge and support me. Our work together hasn’t always been easy, but, without question, it *has* always been valuable. I give her my highest recommendation.

    - Client
  • I have had an excellent experience working with Dr. Grunschel (for several years now) and recommend her highly. Dr. Grunschel is professional, kind, brilliant, and responsive.

    - Client
  • I have been seeing Dr. Grunschel for about two years now. She is the best psychiatrist I have ever had. She listens and most of all, she really cares. She goes beyond just prescribing medication and managing mental health. She is honest, informative and extremely compassionate. I am really grateful to have her on my mental health team.

    - Client
  • I find Dr. Grunschel to be one of the best doctors out there. She goes the extra mile to listen to how your feeling, not just what your saying, because even though you want the help, it is not easy telling a doctor everything, especially in the beginning. And she definitely works to earn your trust and goes at your comfort level. She also answers any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment or condition, so that your treatment is something your comfortable with.

    - Client
  • Dr. Grunschel is the best psychiatrist I have ever worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. I have been a patient for years. She has seen me through some of my most difficult times and has helped me to grow through them all. I highly recommend.

    - Client
  • I am a colleague of Dr. Grunschel and know the quality of her thinking about psychiatry because we consult each other from time to time. She is insightful, intelligent, and very much invested in her patients' well-being. If I had a family member in need of psychiatric/psychotherapy assistance, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Grunschel.

    - Colleague
  • I am a psychiatrist and know Dr. Grunschel's work because I have spoken with her often on clinical matters. She is perceptive, intelligent, and caring. If you are looking for a therapist to assist with self-understanding, relationships, and depression/anxiety (as well as sensitively choose medications), she has a great deal to offer.

    - Colleague

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